Tubi.tv/activate – You should know about the Tubi TV app if you want to watch entertainment services free of charge with No Subscription Needed. About 20,000 TV shows and movies can be viewed for free on Tubi TV. Tubi is a video streaming service that is free & legal. It offers the largest library of content and supports the latest new content on all devices, fully free of charge.

You can do so by visiting the official tubi.tv/activate link to download, install Tubi TV app.

How can you sign up on Tubi TV?

Tubi is a free portal with no subscription fee, where you can watch unlimited entertainment content. To sign up for a new Tubi account on a new computer, you must choose either Register or Link Account. Follow the step-by-step protocol below:-

  1. On your smartphone screen, go to Play or the app store.
  2. Tap on the Register or Link Account button next.
  3. You should remember that the activation code will now appear on your smart TV screen.
  4. Enter the official link, tubi.tv/signup.
  5. From the TV Screen, enter the activation code.
  6. By registering via Facebook and registering via Google, you can sign up.
  7. If you would like to register by email, then fill in the following details:-
    • Email and Password details.
    • Type Password to Confirm.
    • Pick the birth date and gender.
  8. Just press on Register.
  9. The Tubi account has successfully completed.

How can you Signing into Tubi with an activation code?

You can easily activate the Tubi account with the activation code by logging into your smart TV or device. Let us follow all of the points provided below:

  1. Use your web browser to go to tubi.tv/activate (Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  2. Only press on Sign Up option.
  3. This will open the box screen.
  4. From the smart TV panel, enter the Tubi TV activation code.
  5. Within a few minutes, your system will be activated.

Note:- If you are a new Tubi user, you can access your account directly via Facebook/Google/Apple ID. You may do otherwise by registering via email.

How to Activate Tubi on Samsung TV through tubi.tv/activate?

  1. Switch the Samsung TV on.
  2. Choose on the Tubi account log-in tab.
  3. Click on the Enter Activation Code button.
  4. You will find the activation code on Samsung’s TV screen.
  5. Navigate to the URL: www.tubi.tv
  6. Then, type the Tubi TV activate code in the box to enable Tubi TV.
  7. Tap on Activate Device.
  8. To activate the Samsung TV, follow & complete the further on-screen process.


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